07-08-2022                 What you see is what you get: the interactional potential of intentional visual imperatives in Ancient Greek diachrony. Paper at the international conference on the pragmaticalization paths of speech and thought verbs, Salamanca.

01-08-2022                 Life-cycles of counterfactual mood across a millenium of Ancient Greek. Paper at the International Conference of Historical Linguistics, Oxford.

17-06-2022                 Post-Classical counterfactual modal verbs and the modal particle: a corpus-based analysis. Paper at International Colloquium of Ancient Greek linguistics, Madrid. 

10-06-2022                 The evolution of counterfactual sentence patterns in Post-Classical Greek. Paper at Oikos Annual Classicists day

02-06-2022                 Paths out of counterfactuality: evidence from Ancient Greek diachrony. Paper at Postmodality and the life cycles of modal expressions, Caen. 

12-05-2022                 Correlating syntactic change and register in the diachrony of Postclassical insubordinate wishes. Paper at international conference on Postclassical (in)subordination in Ghent.

12 to 14th-05-2022     Organizing an international conference on Post-Classical Greek (in)subordination, Ghent University 

27-04-2022                 Counterfactual sentences in the Septuagint and Postclassical Greek. Invited lecture at Divinity Faculty Cambridge, organised by prof. Jim Aitken. 

06-04-2022                 Habituals in Ancient Greek: Typology and Diachrony. Invited lecture at Habituals research network.

02-04-2022                 Category changes in Greek diachrony: the trajectories of fossilized mood forms. Paper at Choosing your words: lexicalisation and grammaticalization in Greek and Latin, UCL. 

11-03-2022                 The diachrony of counterfactual moods and modal verbs in Ancient Greek diachrony: a functional perspective. Invited lecture for international Functional Discourse Grammar network.

02-02-2022                 The life cycles of counterfactuals in Ancient Greek and early Indo-European languages. Paper at the seminar of the Classical and Comparative Philology and Linguistics Caucus, Cambridge University.

23-02-2022                 Counterfactuals, habituals and the spread of the modal particle in Ancient Greek diachrony. Paper at UCL seminar, organized by dr. Stephen Colvin.

02-02-2022                 Wishes in the papyri and the Post-Classical reorganization of the wish system.

Paper at New Light from the East: Linguistic Perspectives on Non-Literary Papyri and Related Sources. Athens. 

29-10-2021                  Between Dialogic and Diachronic Syntax: the insubordination of ὅπως Classical Greek Drama. 

                                   Paper at the International Conference on Conversation analysis and Classics, Madrid. 

01-09-2021                 A diachronic syntax of counterfactual mood attraction from Archaic to Classical Greek.

Paper at meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea 2021. Online.

25-04-2021                 Between reality and rhetoric. Counterfactual reasoning in Classical Greek rhetoric and beyond

Paper at the U4 Enlight Antiquity school.

19-04-2021                 The life-cycles of counterfactual mood from Archaic to Classical Greek

Paper for the linguistics research group DiaLing at Ghent University. Paper version in Indogermanische forschungen. 

02-03-2020                 Textual ambiguity and historical linguistics. Insubordination in the history of Ancient Greek. Paper for the EVWRIT reading group session at Ghent University. Paper version in Symbolae Osloensis

22-09-2019                 Van ‘No worries’ naar ‘Natuurlijk’. ἀμέλει en de grammaticalisatie van imperativi in Klassiek en Post-klassiek Grieks

Paper at the Katwijk conference for Greek and Latin Linguistics in the Netherlands, Katwijk. Paper version in Diachronica

31-08-2018                 The Variation of Classical Greek Wishes: a Functional Discourse Grammar and Common Ground Approach.

Paper at the International Colloquium of Ancient Greek Linguistics (ICAGL 2018), Helsinki, Finland. Paper version in Glotta                

18-12-2017                 The Relevance of the Optative in its combination with particles and adverbs in Classical Greek, a Functional Discourse Grammar and Common Ground approach.

Paper at the XII Seminarios de Investigación en Filología Clásica at the Autónoma University, Madrid, Spain. Paper version in Journal of Greek linguistics

17-11-2017                 Paradigmatische mogelijkheden als perspectief voor absolute constructies, verschillen en overeenkomsten tussen de Griekse genitivus absolutus en ablativus absolutus (in collaboration with Mike Kruijer). 

Paper at the Katwijk conference for Greek and Latin Linguistics in the Netherlands, Katwijk. Paper version in Mnemosyne

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