PhD Project

PhD project 

My PhD project (2019-2023) is supported by a fundamental research grant from the Scientific Research Foundation of Flanders FWO, 1122620N. The project analyses counterfactual constructions in the history of Ancient Greek. In particular I am investigating the evolution of counterfactuals in Archaic and Classical Greek. These counterfactuals are largely unstudied and more diverse in types than analyzed before in linguistics. Previous research has also yielded premature generalizations on the nature and evolution of counterfactuals more generally. Therefore I aim to develop a quantifiable context-sensitive evolutionary model to provide an enriched diachronic typology of counterfactuals in Ancient Greek. By analyzing a vast diachronic corpus I also hope to enrich existing typologies of counterfactuals.

The project is mainly supervised by prof. dr. Klaas Bentein (Ghent University), my promotor, and dr. Rutger Allan (Free University Amsterdam), my co-promotor. In addition, I am very lucky to have key experts on counterfactuals in Ancient Greek as well as the diachrony of Greek in my doctoral advisory committee: prof.dr. Gerry Wakker (University of Groningen), prof.dr. Mark Janse (Ghent University) and prof. Antonio Revuelta Puigdollers (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).

Research network project participations

Everyday writing in Graeco-Roman and Late Antique Egypt. A Socio-Semiotic study of Communicative Variation (PI Bentein, Ghent). This ERC project aims to deliver a holistic multi-modal perspective on communicative variation in documentary texts (e.g. the social significance of language choice, linguistic register, handwriting and writing material). 

The Role of Pragmatics in Cyclic language change (PI Mosegaard Hansen, Manchester). This network studies cyclic language change across both Indo-European and non-Indo-European languages. 

Habituals (PI Hengeveld, Amsterdam). This network works towards a typology of habitual expressions.